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The Cloud Chemist
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The Cloud Chemist

The guys at the Cloud Chemist are always looking to provide the vape community with the most delicious vape juice (e-juice) as an alternative to smoking. The ultimate goal is to offer vape e-juice which is made from the best quality ingredients. The Cloud Chemist can boast about a four time award winning 'Mom and Pop' e-juice business. Yes they are owned by a husband and wife team. The Cloud Chemist based on Long Island in New York and was established in the spring of 2016. Pat started out as a DIY mixer after using his vape mod and tank to test his creations to help him quit smoking. Pat spent his evenings after his day job testing and refining his e-juices in search of the perfect flavor. He finally developed the first three flavors ( strata cookie: Italian rainbow cookie, drupe scoop: vanilla almond ice cream bar, and the two time award winning, cereal science: berry corn cereal.) which would quickly become The Cloud Chemist e-juice and his full time passion. After the success of cereal science Pat, went back to the drawing board to create many more cereal flavors, to fill a gap that he saw in the e-juice market, his personal and his friends juice collections. Pat has worked tirelessly to grow The Cloud Chemist from a hobby, which he shared with friends and family, into a company where he is able to share his passion for high quality flavors with the world.
Best in Savory NVE Foxwoods 2017- Cereal Science
Best in Show NVE Foxwoods 2017- Cereal Science
Best in Cereal Vapor Showcase Charlotte 2018- Frosty Science Strawberry
Best in Cereal NVE Mohegan Sun 2019- Heisenberry Crunch
HOLBROOK New York in the good old US of A

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