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KAVA Extract
OPK Kava Organically Purified Kava -  SLAMVAPE

KAVA Extract

O.P.M.S.® OPK Kava Made of the the finest Kava available.

The best Kava extract available.

The oldest and longest consecutively selling capsulated Kratom product in the US.We use only verified and tested noble kava, lateral roots over 7 years of age. Furthermore, we preform analytical quality control tests on kava, per FDA guidelines to confirm that there is no appreciable quantity of flavokavain-B, the hepatotoxic compound associated with kava.

Additionally, we also verify through our well established and long standing supply chain, the strict adherence to only providing us with the best quality noble kava. We preform on site checks with our verified farms and confirm analytically that the products being harvested are the same as those being delivered to us and again that those kavalactone profiles match the confirmed profiles for the noble variety, at hand.

We preform generally 4 different tests to confirm the product is true to form; biological / Heavy metals testing, HPLC, HPTLC, acetone testing and microscopic analysis. Through this array of testing preformed we are able to confirm the following things; kava chemotype, nobility, absence of hepatotoxic substances / biologics / heavy metals and the age and structure of the roots. In conclusion, our kava supply chain is from highly trusted sources which have and continue to be verified on a batch by batch basis. 

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