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Vapor Mods

Vape Mods, Box Mods & Mod Kits


Box mods vapor is gaining popularity thanks to its excellent temperature control, power, long life of its 18650 battery. Buy vape mods for sale as part of our huge selection and never suffer a bad hit again. Your shiny new Box mods' delicate controls will let you find that sweet spot. Buy the box mods you always wanted, add in some new e juice, and get free shipping on orders $50+.


Wattage Control also know as Temperature control or TC

Many vapers love to use a box mod because of the wattage control. Temperature controls reduce dry hits and wattage controls govern how much vapor each hit provides. Find a box mod today and adjust it just right to hit to your taste with expert precision!

Vape Box Mod Starter Kits

We have a huge inventory of ecig mods and starter kits with a vape box mod kit from top ecig and box mod brands. Choose from Voopoo, iJoy, SMOK, Geek Vape, and all your favorites. Our vape mod kits include everything you will need tanks, many with the top sub ohm atomizers on the market.

Compatible Vape Mod Batteries

Buy powerful batteries to support your box mod vape. We have 18650, 21700 with adapters  batteries, along with vape chargers, batteries for vape pens and cartridges. Box mods typically provide longer battery life compared to other systems, but even the best batteries eventually die. Combine any of our vape box mods with batteries, a charger and your favorite e-liquid vape juice and enjoy your vape experience.

Atomizers and Tanks

As you get to know your box mod, experiment with new atomizers. Our stock includes the best products from top brands like Vandy Vape, Wotofo, Hell Vape, and SMOK. Choose from our extensive rebuildable collection or buy a reliable non-buildable to get the perfect hit. Our tank stock has the same range of options. Buy it all with our best deals and sales. Save more at checkout with free shipping on all orders $50+ and restock your favorite vape e-juices with the same great deal!

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