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    Beard Vape Co. No.00 E-Liquid

    Beard Vape Co. No.00 E-Liquid

    <p>No.00 E-Liquid by Beard Vape Co Tobacco Coffee</p>

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    Beard Vape Co. No. 00 E-Liquid
    • Beard Vape Co. No. 00 E-Liquid

    Beard Vape Co. No.00 E-Liquid


    No.00 E-Liquid by Beard Vape Co Tobacco Coffee

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    ($14.95 Bottle)

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    No.00 E-Liquid 60ml Beard Vape Co. E-Liquid

    We now have in No. 00 by Beard Vape Co! It is one of the newest flavors they have out. The flavor profile of this e juice consist of a sweet cappuccino with tobacco. Better known as sweet tobaccoccino. The inhale consist of the smooth cappuccino taste that wakes you up instantly with a smile and happy taste buds. Upon exhaling this amazing e liquid is when the fresh tobacco taste hits the palate. Everything in life seems to come together as one and makes sense. The throat hit is exactly like what the flavor profile sounds like. It is very smooth and refreshing. There isnt one little bit of a burning or charring sensation to be found. The bottle design of this e juice is massively appealing. The e liquid comes in a black box. On the box is printed No. 00 by Beard Vape Co in big shiny gold font as well as a picture of guy with sunglasses on and a well trimmed beard. The e juice bottle itself has the same design as the box. The VG/PG ratio of No. 00 by Beard Vape Co is a 80/20 blend. This mixture is known to have a little bit more flavor than the 70/30 ratio but the clouds are still just as chunky due to the thickness of this e liquid.

    Beard Vape Co. e-liquids are the product of dedicated Californian juice makers who started out with their own vaping stores in the US before making their excellent juices available to the wider market.

    Thanks to their popularity the Beard Vape Co. brings their e-juices to a whole new spectrum so vapers can fall in love with Beard Vapes innovative flavor blends, which include treats such as cheesecake with strawberries and a very special cinnamon funnel cake.

    The names of their flavors might be numbers, but the flavors themselves are uncompromisingly delicious.


    Primary Flavors:Tobacco Coffee

    Bottle size: 60 mL

    Nicotine Level(s): 0, 3, 6mg

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    Beard Vape Co. No.00 E-Liquid

    Beard Vape Co. No.00 E-Liquid

    No.00 E-Liquid by Beard Vape Co Tobacco Coffee

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